Meet The Team


At long range shooting NZ we offer you the total outdoor kiwi experience from gun selection though to extreme accuracy. It doesn't stop there we also offer five star accommodation with catered functions facilities followed a fully automated clay shoot.

If guns aren't your thing we offer over 60 km of native and pasture walks which on most occasions you will be able to observe that local wild life in their natural habitat.

You could always bring your mountain bike instead of your shoes, if that all sounds like to much exercise then we can accommodate you with an extreme 4x4 thrill in a state of the art canam side by side adventure.

If that sounds too much you could always just chill on the extensive decks. Take in the footy game while unwinding with a cold one.

Jason Craig


Jason has a background in residential construction and is a co-owner of a successful companies, Reliable Foundations and Reliable Foundations South Island Ltd. Jason has always had a keen interest in hunting, target shooting and the outdoors. He has had great success in many hunts here in NZ and also in Africa. He is married and has three daughters who also enjoy shooting.

Troy Manderson

Team Member Troy Manderson has just sold a successful Mechanical business he started up himself over 12 years ago.  He is a keen hunter with interest in long range shooting and loves the outdoors.


Darren Brasting

Aka Popeye easily recognizable by his distinct hat which he is rarely convinced to remove.  Born and breed in the Wanganui District, he is an avid hunter and fisher and proud father or three, who share his passion for the outdoors and hunting.  First introduced to hunting by his own father at age five who took him duck, possum, turkey and deer hunting up the Ahu Ahu and Turakina Valley and who subsequently gave him his first gun aged 10 after he successfully shot a matchstick off a fence at 7M with an open sight gun.  Popeye obtained his fire arms license at age 16 and has since hunted all over New Zealand.  He has been a member of the Kai Iwi Pig Hunting Club since 1993 and president of the club for over 15 years.  Popeye can be found out hunting or fishing given any opportunity between work, commitments and running his small farm where he runs sheep, a few cattle, deer, odd goat and of course pigs.  He is confident in the bush, the heaviest boar he’s caught was in the Tokomaru area and weighed 224Ibs.  Popeye says nothing beats the sound of his pig dogs bailing a boar and the crack of a Bushmans bottle of bear after a successful hunt.  He s able to singe, scald, skin and cut up any game caught.

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